Monday, February 23, 2015

Essential Oils

Why Yes, I DO have an Oil for that!!!

I have been back and forth with myself over the last few months about getting into the essential oil craze.  

I asked myself many times, "Would they work for me and my family?" I would talk to my go to lady about any questions that would arise. She would always tell me the exact same thing, "Yes, we can use such and such to help with that." Finally one day came that I couldn't get my son into the doctor because it was the weekend. I called up my go to lady and she fixed up a 'concoction' and he was better by that night. Any doubt I had quickly vanished! 

Even my husband, who was a MAJOR skeptic said "Why don't you see what all you have to do to get them oils." So I did. I learned that it was super easy and most of the 'everyday oils' came in the Premium Kit for a great price. 

I joined the Young Living Essential Oil Family a couple weeks ago and I have been oiling it up ever since!
I joined up with the Premium Starter kit with the Bamboo Diffuser. It was the better investment deal in my opinion. 

Click the picture to order your kit!!

As I learn what works for my family I will add to this blog so that maybe it will help you as well!

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